Exercise Instructions

Create a JAD session report

Cocument all the decisions, action items and open issues in a single artefact

Exercise Brief


As the Product Manager of DevTech, you are asked to provide one of your largest clients (HealthDay) with additional features in the EMR (Electronic Medical Records Management) System. The client has requested an integrated Referral Management System (RMS) that tracks patients from primary care till they are sent to specialist departments.

Appointment Management

Appointments are created by either the Primary Care Physicians themselves or other clinical staff like Nurse Practitioners or Clinical Assistants so that patients can be referred from primary care to specialist departments. Each appointment must go through the appropriate checks including checking if the patient has an active insurance with the client, whether the insurance program covers the condition of the patient, patient’s preference for location and timings and availability of the Specialist Doctor. Some appointments may have to be reviewed by the Specialists themselves before they can be approved. The administrator of the hospital must have the ability to choose by appointment type to either make it directly bookable by the Primary Care Staff or as a type that requires review by the specialist. The system should also allow the Primary Care Staff and Specialist Department Staff to exchange notes and comments about a particular appointment. If the Specialist Department requests tests or reports as mandatory for the appointment, the system must ensure that the patient has these available on the date of the appointment. The system shall also allow users to track the status of patients’ appointments and must store the entire clinical history of each patient. This will be used by the hospital for two main purposes:

  1. The Specialist and the Primary Care Providers will have access to the patient's complete medical history before the patient walks in for the appointment and hence allowing for better patient care
  2. The Hospital also stores this data in a general data warehouse (without Protected Health Information) to do analytics on it and come up with local disease management programs for the area. This is aligned with the Hospitals mission of providing top quality preventive medical care.

The Hospital sets about 300 appointments per day and must support about 50 users at the same time. The existing EMR system is based on Java and an Oracle database system.

Exercise Files

Additional Features for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Management System

Requirements Documentation

HealthDay is one of the largest healthcare organisations that span across the Asia region. They are currently looking out for vendors to help with further development of their EMR system.

Estimated Time Taken

~ 1 hour 30 minutes







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