Exercise Instructions

Design epics, user stories and tasks to organise the work to be done in the development of Marketplace

You may choose your own examples. Describe the user stories to be completed first by prioritising them. Explain how you prioritise these.

Exercise Brief

SingaCon in Singapore

SingaCon's three decade long business started when the company started operations at the World Trade Centre, now known as Harbourfront Centre, in 1987 where it hosted events such as the Miss Universe Pageant. Due to the increasing number of businesses setting up in Singapore, it was to noone's surprise that demand for exhibition space also growed at an accelerating pace.

The management team behind SingaCon then brainstormed of different locations in Singapore in order to expand their operations. They needed a space to upgrade from the existing 30,000 square meters at World Trade Centre.

SingaCon didn't expect to be given a space of about 200,000 square metres which was by all means a huge jump from their current space. Due to some investment given by both the government and also private investors, SingaCon was given the green light to start the construction of what would be Singapore's largest exhibition space, Exhibition World. That land was later used to build 20 identical convention halls, each one larger than a football field.

Scalability and growth

SingaCon had always been a business that relied on real estate. Back when they operated at the World Trade Centre, they were playing host to about 1 million visitors annually. Exhibition World now averages about 6 million visitors annually and the management team is expecting to reach a plateau of about 8 million visitors annually as they would be maxing out their physical space very soon.

It may be not that feasible to constantly source out for new space as Singapore is also facing a shortage of land given a total landspace of only 700 square kilometres. Also it wasn't scalable to increase the revenues of SingaCon by increasing the physical space occupied, prices of which are constantly increasing.

Uploading to the Internet

Tommy Koh, CEO of SingaCon envisioned SingaCon to have a new arm that focuses on developing a platform called Marketplace that allows anyone to start an exhibition online. It was going to be a single destination that connects three different parties together:

  • Organiser - one who has a theme in mind and will be marketing the entire exhibition (e.g. a firm who supplies wedding gifts may start a wedding exhibition)
  • Exhibitor - one who has the goods and services to provide to the attendees (e.g. a firm who supplies wedding dresses for rent, a small bakery that provides desserts, etc.)
  • Attendee - one who will be potential customers (e.g. couples planning their wedding)

New business model for Marketplace

As compared to the business model for SingaCon's exhibition business, where it relied on real estate and goes by a daily charge basis, Tommy understood that the mechanics behind Marketplace had to be unique in order to satisfy all the different stakeholders involved.

After several rounds of discussion, the team have came up with the right business model. Inspired by business models such as that of Shopify and also the nature of exhibitions, Marketplace would charge a transaction fee of about 5% per item sold online. This is to cover charges such as payment processing, hosting of data, etc. In return, organisers get access to a suite of functionalities and integrations.

You are hired as part of TechCapital Pte. Ltd.

SingaCon has engaged with TechCapital to conduct a requirements gathering study in order to come up with the deliverables necessary. Your team will be working with SingaCon's tech team using the scrum approach.

Exercise Files

Virtual Exhibition System for Singapore's Largest Exhibition Company

Requirements Documentation

SingaCon owns one of the largest exhibition venues in Singapore, occupying a whopping 200,000 square metres of space. As part of expansion plans beyond physical space, SingaCon is exploring ways of facilitating exhibitions online.

Estimated Time Taken

~ 1 hour







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