Exercise Instructions

Design the product backlog to detail all there needs to be done within the project

You may use any product backlog template of your preference

Exercise Brief


RentalEquip is one of a few equipment rental companies in Malaysia. Their services included DSLR camera rentals, lens cleaning services, professional photography equipment and studio bookings.

Started in 2010, Daniel did not find it wise to spend so much money on technology and thus, recorded all inventory and their respective quantities in a large book.

Under each item - which takes up one whole page - is a manual recording of customers who have borrowed said item either currently or in the future.

The only software they used from the very start till today is QuickBooks, to ensure that proper accounting is done.

Typical day to day work

At 9am everyday, users would return items they have borrowed and upon manual checks done by employees, the quantity in the large book gets updated to reflect the return items.

Whenever a customer calls the store to check whether or not they can borrow a particular item for a set of dates, an employee will check the large book to search for the item, check total quantity, check available quantity and make sure that the avaialable quantity is accurate. They do so by going through each line of manually recorded bookings and tally up the quantity.

The problem caused by this manual exercise gets compounded when a customer calls in for multiple items instead of just a single item.


At any one point of time, there are about 3 employees that can attend to customers call or customers who visit the store. Daniel wanted a way that all employees can access a central database in real-time via iPads to take in orders and also make sure that there are no clashes of bookings. Clashes of bookings happen when a customer wants to order a specific item but that item is being borrowed by someone else.

Daniel also wanted an integration of the future software with their current instance of QuickBooks, which they have already upgraded to QuickBooks online.

Automation for a Video Equipment Rental Company

Requirements Documentation

Started out as a small business, RentalEquip has not been able to keep up with the increase of business. What's currently on pen and paper, Daniel seeks to automate their processes to save his employees time and effort.

Estimated Time Taken

~1 hour







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