Exercise Instructions

Produce a Business Requirement Document (BRD) for the "Child Enrolment" process

BRDs are produced to detail the requirements (either process, people or technology ones) to ensure that the process involved completes with the desired outcome.

Exercise Brief


In 2017, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced an additional 40,000 pre-school places will be created in the next five years[1]. With the growing emphasis on early childhood education and the government's announcement of wanting to be involved in the sector, more and more Singaporeans are finding early childhood education to be a vital part of a child's growing years. Kelly intends to take advantage of this growing focus and not want SupaKids to lose market share to either the government or other childcare organisations.

When Kelly launched SupaKids in 2005, there were already so many competitors with solid reputations to back them up. Furthermore, to an average person, SupaKids was just another startup. She knew that the constantly increasing cost of living in Singapore meant that parents would become more prudent with their money and start searching for childcare centres that provide more value per dollar spent. Upon launch, SupaKids was offering benefits such as no late pickup charges for parents who pick up their child after the designated time, discounts on excursion trips and also discounts on uniforms.

SupaKids' entry

In 2004, Kelly quitted her job at the Ministry of Education (MOE)[2] as she found out that the demand for childcare education is ever-increasing and that the rate at which childcare centres are set up was not fulfilling the demand quick enough. Furthermore, having been a teacher at Emerald Primary School, she noticed that students who have undergone a pre-school education tend to progress faster in class as compared to those without one.

Success story

SupaKids' success till today has been attributed to these factors:

  1. Aggressive obsession over the customer. Every step that a parent takes, from the registration of interest till the graduation of a kid, is studied to understand the entire user journey
  2. Understanding the macro. Knowing that these kids are the future of the country and developing them at this stage plays a vital role of nation building.
  3. Treating employees with respect and recognition that each one of them deserves. Kelly knew that if her employees are well taken care of, it will in turn translate to happiness for both parent and kids.

These factors have till this day serve SupaKids well and will remain their guiding principles to further expand their business and reach.

An organisation that understands the meaning of seizing opportunities

It all began when Kelly started SupaKids in Punggol. With lots of Build-to-order (BTO)[3] flats that were in the works, she believed that most of the citizens purchasing these flats are young couples that are going to start a family once they get their houses. She started in Punggol so that she can grab a sizeable market share of these soon-to-be parents.

After operating for 10 years, Kelly wants to take SupaKids to the next level as a whole organisation. She needs a group of consultants to present best practices of other childcare organisations in other parts of the world and also to guide SupaKids in its digital transformation.

Fitting into the new landscape

In order to stay ahead of the competition and stay relevant, especially with the government's new initiatives, Kelly knew that an inward look into the people, process and technologies that make up SupaKids is required. The three different categories are as listed below:

  1. People - the right people with the appropriate skills, experience and knowledge are vital in making a business succeed
  2. Process - a set of activities, actions and steps performed by systems or people to reach a certain outcome
  3. Technology - system enablers that help a business achieve efficiency and agility

Guiding principles of project**

  • Reuse first, Buy second, Build last for technology enablers
  • Customer centricity of business processes
  • Collaboration among various departments and teams

** Can be changed according to your own expertise, research or best practices within the industry

Exercise Files

Digital Transformation for a Rapidly Growing Early Childhood Organisation

Requirements Documentation

SupaKids is an early childhood organisation that operates 20 childcare centres in Singapore. They started from a single centre in Punggol in 2005 with around 20 kids in each class (Nursery, K1 and K2). They plan on expanding to 40 centres in the next 5 years.

Estimated Time Taken

~ 2 hours







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