Exercise Instructions

Produce a Functional Requirements Specification (FRS) for the systems involved in "ATM Refill" process

You may use "Functional Requirement Document Template.docx" as a reference template.

Exercise Brief


PayATM runs an ATM company. In USA, private companies are able to run their own ATMs. They have their own cash which users withdraw from their ATM machines using any personal debit card and ATM company. PayATM has about 1,250 ATMs spread across the East Coast of USA, mainly in New York City.

Currently, PayATM uses a very inefficient way of maintaining the cash in their ATMs. Due to not having enough data to analyse, PayATM maintains about US$10,000 in each ATM at highly populated areas and US$4,000 at sparsely populated ones. PayATM makes a transaction fee of about US$2.50 for every transaction done. While this method of refilling ATMs is simple, PayATM often ends up with ATMs that are empty or still have a significant amount left before the designated period of 1 week.

Given the nature of PayATM's business model, they have to maximise every dollar that is being placed in each ATM. As a method of reporting, PayATM is using a reporting tool done by a 3rd party vendor that records all the outflow of money to each user. Using the designated credentials, the employee who is tasked with refilling the ATM with money can print out this report and does a manual tally and keys in the tabulated data into the company's mobile application.

To add to the costs of running the operations of this business, PayATM does not have a way to track the real-time movement of its employees that are performing the individual refills of each ATM. Therefore, this leads them to deploying an inaccurate number of employees in each state and city and unnecessary expense.

Exploring the use of Analytics

PayATM has been storing its data for the past 20 years of its busines. Part of the data is on hardcopy documents due to the lack of an affordable database solution and the remaining resides in a database. Despite sitting on a wealth of data, the management knows that there isn't the necessary in-house data analytics capability to make sense of all this data and turn it into valuable insights.

Hiring of TechInnov8 Inc. for solutions

You have been hired as part of TechInnov8 Inc. to develop an overall solution consisting of:

  • An Enterprise Resource Planning solution:
    • A dashboard to monitor the management of ATMs, employees
    • Analytics and prediction module in order to optimise the amount of money that has to be in each ATM daily
    • Integration with Google Maps in order to plot most efficient way of delivering cash to ATM locations daily
  • A mobile application to:
    • Automatically send tasks such as ATM refills to available employees in the area
    • Perform offline tasks whenever there isn't any mobile connection so that it automatically synchronises with the database once connected

PayATM does not have a dedicated software development team and has been outsourcing this task to third party vendors as it is more cost efficient. As such, TechInnov8 is the latest vendor to embark on this project, that consists of both business process re-engineering and the implementation of the integrated solution. Given the circumstances of very clear requirements and also less emphasis on speed of development, TechInnov8 has decided to proceed with the waterfall approach for this project.

Exercise Files

Dashboard & Mobile Application for Company Managing 1,250 ATMs

Requirements Documentation

PayATM is a private company in the United States that manages about 1,250 ATMs across the entire East Coast region. The ATMs are primarily placed in highly trafficked areas such as shopping malls, petrol kiosks and amusement parks.

Estimated Time Taken

~ 1 hour 30 minutes







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