Exercise Instructions

Produce a Functional Requirements Specification (FRS) for the systems involved in "Stock Replenishment" process

For areas whereby a system functionality has to be changed or added, an FRS will help detail down to low level functions and the input and output of each function.

Exercise Brief

Brief History

SkyHigh Nutrition Inc. operates in the US and started their business with one and only one mission: to make nutritious edibles for the fitness community without compromising on taste. Everyone knows that the key to building good physique is good amounts of sleep, a healthy diet and a proper workout routine. However, the biggest challenge that most of the fitness community face is maintaining a healthy diet as it does not taste as well as its less-healthier counterparts. Therefore, SkyHigh Nutrition knew that if they were able to solve this piece of the puzzle, they would be able to empower the lives of many fitness junkies and get them to transform their bodies.

Offline Operations

SkyHigh Nutrition operates two warehouses at both ends of the country to supply enough of nutrition bars to the entire country. SkyHigh Nutrition also operates about 50 retail outlets across 12 different states within the country. Apart from that, they have partnered with gym outlets such as Top Fitness and Sports Active to place their products there for individuals to purchase after their workouts.

Best-selling Products

  1. Peanut Butter Crunchy Crunch
  2. Cookies and Creamy Kreme
  3. Almond Buttercup
  4. Chocolate Fudgy Fudge

Growing International Demand

After operating for 5 years and relying on word of mouth alone, SkyHigh Nutrition found out that more and more users are requesting him to send their products overseas. This could be from multiple reasons:

  1. Customers who have been gymming in the US start working overseas and cannot find edibles that give the same amount of satisfaction
  2. Due to fitness junkies sharing the nutrition bars on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, those from neighboring countries are keen to try the nutrition bars

A bit of a savvy CEO

Tom Hardy, the CEO, is all about efficiency. He wants to build an online presence for SkyHigh Nutrition. He knows that there are multiple different technologies out there but lately he's been hearing a lot about Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and he thinks that it may be the way forward in saving development time. Then again, he's also a huge power user of Facebook and there's also the concept of React and also React Native in building both a web and mobile presence.

Sourcing of Creative Agencies

Only having talent that have strengths in brick-and-mortar and warehouse operations, SkyHigh Nutrition has sourced out the end-to-end brainstorming to development to maintenance of the e-commerce store to your company - Web Studios Inc. As a business analyst, you have been placed right from the very start of project kick-off and are expected to complete the project and achieve project sign-off. It is also paramount that this project be the start of many more to come as you secure SkyHigh Nutrition as a long term partner and customer.

Exercise Files

Ecommerce Website Development Project for Health Nutrition Bars Company

Requirements Documentation

SkyHigh Nutrition Inc. manufactures health nutrition bars for the fitness community. Their strategy had always been staying on the ground and interacting with fitness junkies to promote their business. However, they would now like to expand online via an e-store.

Estimated Time Taken

~ 2 hours







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